Island Time Hostel Puerto Rico is Looking for a Work-Trade Employee!

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Island Time Hostel is seeking work/traders!
It is our vision to be the top rated hostel in Puerto Rico, and we need your help!

Duties will include:
-Being available and helpful to guests when on shift. Guests are our top priority!
-Checking in/out guests (computer oriented), giving them a tour of the hostel, orientating them to the area and MAKING THEM FEEL AT HOME
-Light cleaning work/laundry (we do have a resident housekeeper, but at times it will be quite busy and we want to turn the rooms over as quickly as possible so they are available for incoming guests)
-2-3 overnight on-call shifts per week. This will include the evening concierge shift, closing down the office, and having our house phone throughout the night in case someone calls/ has a reservation and will be arriving outside of office hours (8am-11pm)
-2-3 morning or daytime shifts per week (5 day work week - we can tailor the schedule so that it works for everyone!)
-We are still converting rooms from studio apartments to hostel rooms, so we may also need help assembling beds, painting, decorating, moving items (sometimes heavy or awkward items) around the hostel, etc. Our goal is to have all rooms converted and open for a grand opening at the end of October (the start of the tourism “on-season” here in PR).
-Helping to keep our street and surrounding neighborhood clean

We are also working towards a totally eco-friendly approach. We are making our own cleaning solution using all natural ingredients and will be making our own laundry soap. In the future, we envision all LED lighting and solar panels on our roof to take the building totally off-grid. We have only been open about one month, so we are still getting everything “dialed-in” for the everyday, but this is the long term goal we are working towards.

This job is an exchange of free housing for working here at the hostel. At this time we are only able to offer a semi-private room that will be shared with another work/trader.

If interested, please email us at: [email protected]
You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and at our blog-site

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Re: Island Time Hostel Puerto Rico is Looking for a ...

Hi I'm Ro, I'm a fun loving, nature loving born hippie (not a smelly one but one with all the ethos!!!) I'm 27 and am embarking in a trip/working tour of Europe, since listening to the tales of my dad travelling and living in tipis I have wanted to explore the world and meet the world and as many if its beautiful people as possible. I love people, magic, moments of wonder and most of all smiling and laughing with those around me. I strive to live in harmony with my surroundings and life has presented an opportunity to get out there and do it in a free spirited way. My husband and I are starting in Greece as I honour the Greek deities, we are looking for casual work which will offer opportunity to work in lively but relaxed and beautiful places with lovely people, I am a lover of life and wish to put all my bar, waitress, hospitality and marketing experience to good use surrounded by similar minded people. Rob is a very musical person with experience in creating camps, workshops, meditations etc and is also a professional magician so very good for entertaining guests and staff alike. I have an open mind and can't wait to meet the world.

would love to hear if you have anything you would like help with from 7th Sept 13

many thanks Ro and Rob

sometimes it is good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just 'be' happy

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